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Design and Decorating – What Type of Homeowner Are You?

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Design and Decorating – What Type of Homeowner Are You?

Research shows that most homeowners who do their own design and decorating are women between the ages of 25 and 65 who have a college degree, work outside the home, and have a large group of friends.

Even while this looks like a very wide age range, I can say from personal experience that this at least focuses our attention on a vast group of people who come from many different backgrounds.

It seems to me that this group is actually comprised of a number of different groups of people who are brought together by unique associations and commonalities in their ways of living.

If you want to better understand the needs of your DIY design and decorating projects, it might help to know which group you most closely fit into.

1. Newlyweds

This group, which is typically comprised of the younger members of the demographic, can have an eagerness to try new things; can easily adopt trends and fashions for the home; and can do so with fewer encumbrances than older members of the demographic (debt, kids, and professional commitments).

However, do not confuse the vitality of youth with unquestioning acceptance.

This is a thoughtful and socially responsible group of people who are well connected and highly intelligent.

Because they have such a social outlook on life, it makes sense that they would want to make their house into a place that is both personal and distinctive.

They don’t put on much of a front to attract the attention of their community, and they value cosiness and one-of-a-kind experiences more than pricey items.

2. People who have finished their families and have moved into their own homes

These individuals come in soon after the New Nester’s but before this subgroup. (Design and Decorating)

They’ve made a name for themselves in their communities as well as in their professions, all while simultaneously launching their own families and careers. (Design and Decorating)

People in this group of homeowners usually have young children, since they spend most of their time and energy on the growth and education of their offspring.

Even though comfort is still a very important part of their living environment, durability is often even more important.

The work that is completed around the house is highly valued since it brings attention to responsibilities that are not centered on the children and reminds the parents that there will be life once the children outgrow diapers.

This group places a high value on both quality and style, and as a result, they are willing to spend more money on both.

3. Improving Nester’s

The expansion of this group has become essential at this point.

Because of the expansion of both the family and the bread-winning workforce, there is frequently a need for a more spacious dwelling.

Design and decorating opportunities present themselves, along with the worry of not knowing where to start, the dread of making a mistake, and the pressure from well-meaning friends who can’t wait to “see it all done.”

In order for this group to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle that they lead, they are ready for things to take place swiftly.

As a result, this group places a high value on expanding their knowledge base in a way that takes the least amount of time.

People with an empty nest

Design and Decorating

Because of the ever-increasing proportion of the population that is reaching retirement age, we are familiar with this demographic.

The understanding that all of the space that was so essential a few years ago is now nothing more than an albatross that weighs them down and prevents them from doing the things they really want to do comes along with the professional development that has taken place.

This typically results in dwellings of a smaller scale, but those that are also more energy efficient and opulent.

At this point, nobody is going to make any kind of quality concessions, which is why it is essential for this selective group to have access to the highest-quality goods available.

When they take on a Do It Yourself design or decorating job, you can rest assured that it will be completed using the highest-quality materials that are available.

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