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Fill the Room with Color and Art


room with color and art

Room with Color and Art

A number of years ago, we decided to have a dinner party at our home for some recently made acquaintances. I believe that they were quite interested in learning about the lifestyles of various artists. You know that this is the case; since artists do not conform to the norm, it is only logical that their living space would be uncommon. The dinner was a success, but the conversations that took place during the meal revealed some interesting things about our new acquaintances. Minerva (all names have been changed to protect the innocent), who held the view that art had to be presented on stark white walls with white ceilings to finish it off, believed that this was the only acceptable way to do so.

This, according to the importance that she placed on it, was comparable to the 11th commandment that Moses was given. But not just any white; rather, a brilliant white. Minerva was extremely offended by the fact that our walls of living room with color and art were painted in a semi-gloss red. However, there is also a mural on the ceiling that depicts people who are shown as being naked, which causes some people to be uncomfortable. Even worse, we had artwork hanging on the crimson walls around the room color ideas. It goes without saying that there was no invitation to dinner in return, and neither of us has seen them since then. To say that we have quite different tastes in interior design would be an understatement.

This is not intended to be an argument over decoration; rather, it is meant to serve as a friendly reminder that there is more than one “correct” way to use wall for room with color to display artwork. In certain homes and with certain personalities, plain white might work just fine as room color ideas. It creates a background that is not distracting, allowing the artwork to take center stage. Your home will look a little bit clinical and like it belongs in an art gallery if you decorate it in plain white (my opinion its not good room color idea). On the other hand, having a lot of varied rich colors in deep tones all in the same room can be problematic. It all comes down to personal preference, how you see yourself, and how effectively you can pull off the overall effect. There are some superior alternatives that are slightly more bold—without being completely reckless—that can be used to make a place more pleasant and comfortable. These muted tones not only show off more of who you are as an individual, but they can also lend a distinct vibe to the artwork that you’ve chosen to hang in the room interior.

Options for Walls Painting Room with Color and Art

When selecting a white wall color for room with color and art, add a very small amount of a warm color like red (very very little or you will end up with pink) or a little bit of yellow to warm the space up with. This will prevent the white from looking too cold. This will produce a feeling of energy, liveliness, or movement that is more subliminal in nature. A very pale beige is still another option to choose among the neutral shades. This is not coffee made with cream; this is far less heavy. Beige is a neutral color, yet unlike harsh white, it does not lack vibrancy. Another color that helps create tranquilly, this one is.

Consider going with a more subdued tone, such as a very light grey (by no means “battleship grey”) as your paint color. Make certain that the grey that you choose contains a little bit of red in it. Because of the warm red tints that are used in the paint, grey can have an inviting and comforting atmosphere. Grays have a tendency to be chilly (because of the presence of blue in the paint mixture) and less inviting. If you want to encourage a feeling of stillness, calmness, reflection, etc., then the bluer tones are an excellent choice. If the shade of grey you choose is too dark, the room, or rooms, in question may appear drab.


The ceilings, on the other hand, are a lot less difficult. In most cases, white is required, but not just any white will do. Oprah is a terrific source, so I’m going to steal her advice and suggest that you mix a very small shade of the wall color into the white for your ceiling. Wonderful cohesion will be achieved in the space as a result of the application of a very tiny tint in the ceiling white. Choosing a room color for the walls is going to be the most challenging step. In order to accomplish that, the input of your spouse or significant other is required. However, this is only necessary if they reside with you. If it’s just the two of you, do whatever seems natural. After all, we’re not talking about performing brain surgery on your mother here. Change room color if you find that you are not satisfied with it in the future. Have fun painting and decorating Room with Color and Art!

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