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Improve Your Kitchen With This Tips!


This time on Tim’s Tech Tips, I’ll be writing about simple kitchen improvements that can boost not only the value of your home but also the quality of your current cooking space.


This one is easy to understand. Installing brand new, up-to-date hardware such as hinges and handles on cabinet doors is highly recommended. If you intend to paint the cabinets, you must first remove any outdated hardware and then use body filler to cover any holes that are not required for the painting process. In addition, if you intend to paint, you should pre-install all of the new hardware in the event that something goes wrong and you need to patch up any additional holes you create. Even if it requires an additional step, it will be advantageous in the long run to guarantee that everything fits together correctly and can be put together. After the painting process is over, your cabinetry may then be reinstalled with much less difficulty.


It is important to remember to identify each door and drawer in the cabinet as you take them out; it will be much easier to do this now rather than having to struggle with it afterwards. Position your numbering system so that it is visible from the underside of the drawers and the back of the door hinges. Make a detailed “map” of your numbering system so that future installations will be much simpler to perform. This will help.


When you first come into the kitchen, the cabinets are probably the first thing that catches your eye. Painting older cabinets that are still in good condition is the best way to improve their appearance. Every surface needs to be meticulously cleaned using a high-quality cleaner in order to remove any and all traces of oil and other impurities. After removing the doors and the trim, you should sand the entire surface, use a lightweight body filler to fill in any holes or gaps, and then resend everything until it has a smooth finish. The lightweight body filler is more durable than spackle and can endure the wear and tear that occurs in a kitchen. Caulk should be applied to all of the internal corners to ensure a tidy and seamless unit. Use a primer that is oil-based on any and all surfaces. Check for any areas that aren’t painted; these are indications that grease is hiding under the primer, which means they need to be cleaned and primed again. First, you should re-caulk any parts that are missing, and then you should sand the major surface until it has a smooth finish. During the sanding process, you should wipe away any dust that is created with the tack cloth. After all of the preparatory work has been completed and all of the areas that will not be painted have been covered with masking tape, it is time to paint the finish color. If you have access to an airless paint gun, you will find that it is considerably simpler to produce a flat surface that resembles glass. When you are through painting, make sure to filter the paint thoroughly to remove any particles that could scratch the finish. An airless sprayer often comes equipped with three different filters to choose from. After removing all of the masking, you should reinstall the door hardware.

More in the cupboards

The installation of new cabinet doors and drawer fronts is an additional straightforward method for modernizing your cabinets. Remove doors and drawer fronts, put a line on the cabinet to indicate where they should go, and then take the doors and drawer fronts to a local cabinet maker. The cabinet maker will use the measurements you provide to create new doors and drawer fronts with more modern designs. Make sure that they mark the new ones using your numbering method, since this will make it much easier to reinstall them. They will also install brand-new hinges and handles, although this service comes at an additional cost.



It is always a straightforward development. Please consult the article under “Tips on freshening up your home # 101″ for some specific recommendations regarding painting. Glazing the walls is an additional suggestion that comes highly recommended. Paint your walls with a color that is neutral or just plain white to prevent the glaze from absorbing an excessive amount of color. The finish of the paint needs to be semi-gloss. Apply the glaze in the same manner as you would a stain by using a cloth. The high parts of the texture will be wiped off, while the low spots will receive the glaze, which will give the piece an aged and tarnished appearance. At a relatively low cost, you can completely revamp the appearance of this space by installing a backsplash made of tumbled stone tiles.

As you work on enhancing the appearance of your home, I have high hopes that you will find this post to be of assistance to you.

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