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On September 12th, at Apple's annual September keynote event, the company is likely to introduce its iPhone 14 series.

The "far out"-teased product presentation will be held in Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters and broadcast live on the company's website and social media.

Some have argued that this year's invite, which displayed a starry sky with a constellation of stars forming the Apple logo, signals the iPhone camera would be enhanced to better capture low-light .

Typical of the tech titan, Apple has been tight-lipped as it ramps up anticipation and encourages customers to tune in on the big day.

Apple's iPhone 14 might be huge. It may release a 6.7-inch phone that's not a Pro model, with a larger screen but a lower price.

The rumor mill also suggests that Apple might ditch its cheaper, mini-sized iPhone in the 14 lineup so that they don't compete with iPhone SE sales.

Forecasts point to the latest Pro model being slightly slimmer, and the much-disliked notch around the front-facing camera system to be absent in the new iPhone models.

Apple watchers are enthusiastic about the iPhone 14's rumoured 8K camera update. This could be one of the largest iPhone camera upgrades to date.

"What can we expect from the Apple event?" is the question that's plaguing the tech world as the iPhone 14 event rapidly approaches. Of course, the highly anticipated iPhone 14 line will get unveiled

The iPhone 14 is the star of the show, and it's reportedly coming with a host of interesting new features, but the Pro models, not the entry-level variants are getting all of the eye-catching goodies

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