Ashley Judd asks for law changes after her mother's death.

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Ashley Judd has talked about the "trauma" and "horror" of seeing her mother Naomi commit suicide in public.  In April, at the age of 76, the country singer took her own life,just one day before

she was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Judd family then asked the court to seal the police reports and recordings made during the investigation into her death.

They said that releasing them would cause "severe trauma and irreparable injury." Although Ashley knew the news would be shared widely, she nonetheless disclosed that her mother had committed suicide

and encouraged anyone in need to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255). She stated her family had given her blessing to speak out about her mother's death in order to inform

people about the issue and the resources available to them. "It was the most traumatic day of my life," she wrote about April 3, 2022. That day, my dear mother, Naomi Judd, convinced that

her mental illness would only worsen and never improve, took her own life. Insomnia keeps me from sleeping because of the traumatic experience of finding and then holding her labouring body.

If police reports from closed investigations in Tennessee are made public, including interviews with her family, it will make things even worse. She elaborated, "Naomi lost a protracted war 

against an unyielding foe that, in the end, was too great to beat. Unfortunately, I was powerless to assist her. But I have the power to shape how she will be remembered. " "That day, my dear mother,

Naomi Judd, committed suicide because she had come to the conclusion that her mental illness would never improve." I can't sleep because of the agony of finding and then cradling her labouring body.

If police findings from closed investigations in Tennessee, like interviews with her family, are made public, it will make things even worse. Her words continued:"Naomi fought valiantly 

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