Best Tattoo Artists in the US

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Brian Woo, better known by his inking name “Dr. Charm,” has gotten quite possibly the most famous tattoo specialists in the country. His style is remarkable

Brian Woo

You love experiencing specialists who are ridiculously pushing the limits of all that you think about inking, which is actually why you are pleased to put Amanda Wachob down here.

Amanda Wachob

You have seen a sharp ascent in barely recognizable difference and stick and jab tattoos in the course of the most recent couple of years, and keeping in mind that a dominant

Tea Leigh

You may know him as an appointed authority on the hit show Ink Master, yet comprehend that Oliver Peck didn’t get to a particularly lofty spot by some coincidence or karma

Oliver Peck

Another expert of Traditional American style, Tim Hendricks is the cerebrum behind Saltwatertattoo Supply. While he is respected for his hand tailored tattoo machines,

Tim Hendricks

Scott Campbell is the sort of tattoo craftsman whose work is so remarkable and unique that distributions like Los Angeles Times compose highlight pieces on him when he shut down

Scott Campbell

We don’t actually think often about “clout” around here, yet Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena has gained notoriety for being one of the far and few tattooers of the stars.

Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena

With regards to extraordinary tattoos, Jacksonville, Florida, for the most part isn’t viewed as Mecca. In case you are into the American Traditional game, Mike Wilson is an advanced god.

Mike Wilson

Chris Garver is reliably viewed as extraordinary compared to other tattoo craftsmen in New York City, and his unimaginably itemized Japanese, dark and dim

Chris Garver

Of the multitude of individuals on this rundown, Robert Ryan has seemingly the most remarkable style of all. His wonderful utilization of complicated lively tones, his striking line work

Robert Ryan

Trey Lance Suffered Fractured Ankle

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