#1 Best Yogurt Combination for Inflammation

Yogurt is more than just an easy breakfast or midday snack. This dairy product provides countless benefits that range from improving gut health

to supporting immunity to building muscle. And although yogurt may be delicious on its own,

adding flavorful ingredients can turn it into a more well-balanced meal as well as contribute additional health benefits.

One of those benefits can be helping to reduce chronic inflammation—something that many people can benefit from. 

While acute inflammation naturally occurs after an injury or illness, chronic inflammation occurs when the body can't turn off its inflammatory pathways,

which may be a side effect of excess alcohol consumption, being overweight, inadequate exercise, and stress.

Chronic inflammation is long-lasting and can eventually lead to several diseases and conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disorders.

If you want to reduce inflammation, there's no better time to start than first thing in the morning with your yogurt at breakfast.

"It is no surprise that one of the most popular yogurt combos is also one of the best combos to manage inflammation,

"Topping yogurt with wild blueberries (the tiny ones that are often found in the frozen foods section) and walnuts can give your dairy base a boost of nutrients

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