Beyond Meat Suspends COO

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A top executive at one of America’s biggest makers of alternative meat products has been arrested for biting another man on the nose

Douglas Ramsey, 53, chief operating officer of Beyond Meat, allegedly hit and bit a motorist so hard that he tore his flesh, according to a police complaint.

Ramsey allegedly accused the victim of hitting one of his SUV's front tyres as they left a parking garage following Arkansas's home game on Saturday.

Ramsey reportedly punched through the victim's car window, hit him, and bit him.

NBC reported that Ramsey was released from jail on Sunday on a nearly $12,000 bond.

Beyond Meat creates plant-based burgers and sausages, one of a surge of US startups promising meat alternatives that taste like the genuine thing.

Some alternative meat products even feature on the menus of fast-food giants like Burger King and McDonald’s.

However, in recent months, shares in Beyond Meat have taken a tumble, losing more than 70% of their values this year alone.

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