Britney Spears responds to Jayden missing her wedding

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Jayden James Federline talks. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's 15-year-old son tells ITV News' Daphne Barak why he and his 16-year-old sibling missed their mom's June wedding to Sam Asghari.

Jayden says, "It wasn't the right time." "I'm glad for her. I'm thrilled for them, but she didn't invite the whole family, and I don't see how me and Preston would have gotten along. "

Britney took to Instagram Thursday evening to respond to her son and internet trolls, saying her love for her children "has no bounds." Jayden claims he "hates" his mom but wants to see her again.

Kevin said neither of Britney's sons had seen her in "a few months," which Britney addressed on Instagram.Jayden believes his relationship with his mom can be repaired.

It will be time-consuming. I hope she's mentally well. I want to see her when she's better.Kevin previously told ITV News that his sons' mother's social media use "hurts" them.

"Facebook helps her... I won't dislike her if she wants to do it, "saying," She should realise what hinders her from loving her family."She seems to need Instagram to garner attention," he says.

"She's been doing this for years, and it's possible she'll never stop, but I hope she does."Jayden objects to Britney's sharing images of his brother, who "doesn't enjoy the cameras."

Jayden alleges his mother posted his images despite his request. "It failed."Jayden and Preston are "extremely united" because he supports his sibling."I think Mom has struggled to give us both

equal attention and love, and I feel horrible for Preston," he says. "We've both gone under so much pressure that this is our safe spot to rehabilitate from emotional trauma and mental illness."

Jayden adds, "I'm always looking out for him." "We're both psychologically healthy."The youngsters had been living with their dad, his elder boys, Kori, 20, and Kaleb, 18, his wife, Victoria Prince

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