Camila Mendes & Maya Hawke on Teen Roles

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Writer-director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson ("Sweet/Vicious," "Someone Great") claims that "there is truly no one scarier than a teenage girl," and she puts that claim to the test in her second feature,

"Do Revenge," a razor-sharp black comedy starring Camila Mendes ("Riverdale") and Maya Hawke ("Stranger Things"). The Netflix original film "Do Revenge," starring Mendes as the 

popular Drea and Hawke as the awkward Eleanor, premieres this Friday. The two girls meet at tennis camp and make a "Strangers on a Train"-style deal: they will each take down the other's 

bullies so that they can both claim plausible deniability while watching their spoiled rich kid enemies go down in flames. Robinson was inspired by '90s teen movies like "Clueless," 

"Cruel Intentions," and "Jawbreaker," and his snappy two-hander features plenty of Machiavellian plans and betrayals. But there are also sweet moments and honest confessions as the plotters

get closer and then become more and more angry with each other as their vendetta gets out of hand. Robinson, who also co-wrote this year's "Thor: Love and Thunder," stated, 

"I could lie and claim that I saw a Scorsese movie or 'Jaws' at a formative age, but I saw 'Clueless' at a formative age, and it made me want to produce movies." I don't know if 

I need to talk to my therapist about this, but I really respond to the anguish of being a young lady and growing up, and the sensations that go along with that." While in isolation with her 

"Riverdale" co-stars Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch for the upcoming fifth season, Mendes read the script and fell in love with it. She explained that she and her two co-stars 

had been watching "Harry Potter" movies nonstop for an entire week because they had nothing better to do. We were sold on her in less than three minutes of seeing her audition for Robinson.

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