Cardinals dominated by Chiefs 


Carson Wentz beat his previous coach, won his first game with his new team, and showed them the good and bad of having him as a quarterback.

In his first game with Washington, Wentz passed for 313 yards and four touchdowns, including two in the fourth quarter. Doug Pederson coached Wentz in Philadelphia for five seasons.

Wentz: "It felt wonderful" "Rallying together when it mattered was a fantastic way to start."

Wentz rallied the Commanders after throwing consecutive turnovers that led to 10 Jaguars scores. Wentz termed it a terrible stretch, made possible by two late picks. Wentz's career has been a roller

coaster, but his new coach, Ron Rivera, knows how to handle it. He said, "Antacids." We performed a lot of study on him and felt certain that he's a courageous guy we need around here.

After Wentz's second interception, Rivera ordered him to go win the game. Wentz calmly said "I will" and won the game. He did. After Jacksonville seized a 22-14 lead with 11:52 left,

Wentz: "That's reality." "After a couple terrible plays, it's time to correct it, but not all at once. Just make the next play."

Wentz demonstrated the big-play potential that drove Washington to trade for him in March. Wentz was Washington's 33rd starting quarterback since 1991.

Wentz ended a four-play drive with a 49-yard pass to Terry McLaurin. Wentz led a 13-play scoring drive. He completed 5 of 8 throws for 59 yards and scored with 1:52 left.

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