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NBC News predicts that Florida Representative Charlie Crist easily defeated State Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried in Tuesday's Democratic primary,

 settling the major question that Democrats have been worrying about for months: who will be the underdog to face popular Republican Governor Ron DeSantis?

NBC reported that by 8:12 p.m. ET, 90% of the votes were counted, and that Crist had received 59.2% of the vote against Fried's 35.4%.

With every public poll showing DeSantis ahead of Crist in the days coming up to the election, few Democratic insiders and political observers gave Crist or Fried much of a chance in November.

National Democrats have hinted they won't invest as aggressively in Florida as they have in the past as DeSantis' record $140 million reelection war chest increases by the day. 

Since 2018, a rising share of the state's Hispanic population has voted conservatively.

 The fact that there are currently more Republicans than Democrats among Florida's registered voters is a strong indication of the state's political climate.

According to Florida Democrat and data scientist who voted for Crist, Sean Phillippi, "'Fatalistic' is probably the best word to describe Democrats' mood."

When asked if he thought the Democrats had a chance, Phillippi said, "For statewide elections? God, no. … The data collected from voter registration drives can tell a lot and can forecast a lot.

Unless there's a huge scandal that no one is aware of right now or the Democrats manage to register hundreds of thousands of new voters

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