Clashes Along Armenia Azerbaijan Border

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Attacks along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border may reignite a decades-old conflict.

The Armenian Defense Ministry said Azerbaijani artillery hit border towns Tuesday morning. The Armenian Defense Ministry said drones and large-caliber guns targeted Goris, Sotk, and Jermuk.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said the strikes are "small-scale" and "aim to secure Azerbaijan's borders."

Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry accused Armenian forces of firing small arms at Novoivanovka and Husulu near the border on Monday. Armenia denied them.

Last month, the two countries clashed over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, located in Azerbaijan but controlled by ethnic Armenians.

Unrest in the region dates back to the Soviet Union's collapse, when Armenia-backed rebels declared independence from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan claims it will retake internationally recognised

Azerbaijani territory. Russia, an Armenian security ally, maintains a peacekeeping force in the region after brokering a ceasefire agreement in early November 2020, Reuters reports.

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