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At the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California on Friday, Disney revealed upcoming content from Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, as well as live-action adaptations of Disney intellectual property.

Disney Animation Studios' next full-length feature film will be titled "Wish" and will be released in 2023. The origin of the dreaming star that so many Disney characters have wished upon is 

investigated. Several films and television programmes from Pixar, such as "Elio," "Win or Lose," and "Elemental," will debut in theatres and on Disney+ in the near future.

Walt Disney Company's Pixar and Disney Animation Studios presentation at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, showcased new animated movies and TV projects.

In the wake of the pandemic, animated movies have underperformed. Lackluster titles and more children's streaming programmes have kept families at home.

Disney introduced new Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studio films at Friday's session. It will also reveal which movies will be in cinemas and on Disney+.

Pete Docter, the chief creative officer of Pixar, took the stage at the D23 Expo to unveil new titles from the animation studio that will debut in theatres and on Disney+ in the coming years.

"Win or Lose" is Disney+'s first long-form series. The narrative follows the Pickles softball team in the week before their title game. Each episode follows different character through the same week.

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