Danny DeVito Voices the Devil in Promising FXX Animated

In the premiere of FXX’s animated comedy Little Demon, Chrissy Feinberg (Lucy DeVito) discovers she’s the spawn of Satan. Literally: 

Her human mom, Laura (Aubrey Plaza), fucked the Devil (Danny DeVito, Lucy DeVito’s real-life dad) 13 years ago, and Chrissy was the result. 

Now her dad’s finally tracked them down, and as Chrissy warily lets him into her life, she finds herself increasingly torn between the ordinary teen girl life

she thought she wanted and the apocalyptic dreams her father’s offering her — all the while trying to figure out who she really is as her own person.

It’s a tension echoed, with some corresponding awkwardness, in the show itself. In the first three half-hour episodes sent to critics,

Little Demon can be wobbly in balancing its impish sense of humor and squishy sense of heart, its otherworldly shenanigans and its more grounded emotions. 

Still, its freewheeling, good-natured vibe is more amusing than not, and if it needs some time to find its voice, it’s earned that bit of patience.

The core concept of Little Demon is solid, taking relatable struggles and amping them up to goofy extremes. We’ve all heard (or felt) that puberty is hell,

custody battles are war, shitty exes are the devil, deadbeat dads are monsters; it’s just that for the Feinbergs, these aren’t mere metaphors.

When Chrissy gets her first period at the worst possible time, it doesn’t only feel like the end of the world, it very well may be.

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