Dead Island 2 Is Finally Coming

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To much fanfare, Dead Island 2 has returned to Gamescom after an absence of eight years. A brand new CGI trailer and sizzle reel showed off the zombie RPG's characters

stomping on the undead like Gallagher tearing into a pallet of rotting watermelons. It's release date, February 3, 2023,

is almost exactly a year after the release of the major gory zombie RPG of 2022. How prepared do you feel?

The most recent Dead Island 2 trailer featured Jacob, one of six playable characters who can take against the undead.

The makers claim that the game's "pulpy" and "irreverent" tone may be best experienced through these "larger than life" characters and their "unique" language.

In comparison to its predecessors, it features a cooperative campaign, a larger area, and a more nuanced dismemberment mechanism.

Other than its sunny depiction of Venice Beach, I have no idea what separates this cursed effort unique from other zombie games.

At this point, it nearly doesn't matter if Dead Island 2 is any good or not. It's become a pure video game industry spectacle,

on par with Duke Nukem Forever and a few other games that were conceived in one era and dragged through years of development hell into the next.

The game was notoriously unveiled in a CGI video at E3 2014, featuring a jogger who is blissfully unaware of the zombies devouring the people behind him.


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