That was but a taste of what's to come in Lightfall, the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2. To stop the end of the world, you must beat Emperor Calus to Neptune and discover the hidden city of Neomuna.

Its beautiful structures and neon-lit streets are unlike anything the gamers have seen previously because the city was spared after the Collapse. 

There are new places to go and people to meet, such as the superhuman Cloud Striders, the last line of defence for the Neptunians.

It won't be simple to put a stop to the end times. This is why the Guardians will soon have a new weapon at their disposal.

The second Darkness-based subclass is Strand, and its focus is on awareness, mobility, environment mastery,

and foe manipulation. To vanquish Calus and the Shadow Legion, you'll need to tap into a new (and greener) dimension of reality

The standalone campaign of Lightfall will be full of extreme action and push the boundaries of what is possible in Destiny 2

marking an important step towards the resolution of the Light and Darkness tale. Legendary Mode increases the difficulty for those who want a real test.

Keep in mind that a successful campaign is just the first step. There is a plethora of fresh content coming your way, including new quests, a raid, Exotics, and more.

A brand-new Exotic Auto Rifle called the Quicksilver Storm is currently available as an immediate unlock for the Lightfall + Annual Pass version.

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