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King Charles III now presides over the British monarchy. And by his side: Queen Camilla. Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year-old husband was HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, not King Philip.

Royals are complicated. Camilla's new title was set in motion in February when Queen Elizabeth ruled that the Duchess of Cornwall shall be called "Queen Consort" instead of "Princess Consort"

when Charles ascended the throne. The UK hasn't had a "Queen Consort" since 1952, when King George VI died and Queen Elizabeth became the Queen Mother.

All past British or English kings' wives were queen consorts, including Henry VIII's six wives. In the 20th century, there were two: Queen Mary, wife of King George V, and Queen Alexandra, 

wife of King Edward VII. The queen who just died, Elizabeth II, had a Roman numeral after her name, showing she was not a consort. Since 1066, only six British or English queens have ruled: 

Mary I, Elizabeth I, Mary II, Anne, Victoria, and Elizabeth II. Like the first lady, there's no job description, tasks, or remuneration. The public, whose taxes fund the monarchy,

has tremendous visibility, pressure, and expectations. Queen consorts generally support the monarch. Charles, 73, and Camilla, 75, have children from previous marriages,

so heirs aren't a problem. After Charles comes Prince William, 40, then William's son, Prince George, 9.

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