Drew Brees joins Boilermaker Alliance's board

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Drew Brees, who went to Purdue University and used to be a quarterback, and the Boilermaker Alliance announced plans to grow the organisation on Thursday. Boilermaker Alliance is an organisation

that helps Purdue student-athletes make a difference in the world via charity work, and Brees has agreed to join the organization's executive board. As Brees stated at a press conference on Thursday,

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy being a Boilermaker." I'm really pleased with myself. If you had asked the 18-year-old me in Austin, Texas in 1997 where he believed he would be living,

I would have told you this. But coming here and being a part of this wonderful university and our athletic programme, but more importantly, being a part of this community—the Purdue community

and the Purdue network—was by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me. The 385 scholarship student-athletes at Purdue University will be able to take advantage of the Boilermaker Alliance's

services thanks in large part to the efforts of Brees and the Boilermaker Alliance. I support the goals of the Boilermaker Alliance because I think it's important for our student-athletes to grow 

into well-rounded people and effective leaders. "We will enable all 385 of them to make an impact, not just in West Lafayette but around the world," Brees added. All of our fantastic coaches will

have the tools to compete for championships thanks to the Boilermaker Alliance. Purdue wants to be the gold standard for institutions to follow, so they can learn from our programmes.

Early on in the current academic year, the Boilermaker Alliance began its collaboration with student-athletes, linking them with non-profit organisations all around the country.

As college athletics continue to make their way through NIL chances, Brees stressed the significance of developing moral fibre, establishing strong leadership, and understanding personal finance.

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