Drew McIntyre shares art after Clash at the Castle

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Cardiff, United Kingdom, has become the new epicentre of WWE action with this weekend's Clash at the Castle (September 3). The Principality Stadium will almost certainly be sold out.

The show's main event features local favourite Drew McIntyre taking on Roman Reigns, the current Undisputed Universal Champion. McIntyre has arrived in the United Kingdom and has posted

an incredible piece of art from there. He has competed in events all around the United Kingdom but he was born in Scotland. McIntyre is the favourite to overcome Roman Reigns and win the championship

McIntyre has never defeated Reigns in a televised bout. Even though Reigns hasn't lost a broadcast match since his return at SummerSlam 2020, it looks like he's about to lose to McIntyre.

McIntyre, who is already a WWE Champion, is expected to retain both titles. Even if it doesn't occur, he could still retire with a title. It is imperative that he monitor Austin Theory as well. 

After blowing his chance at SummerSlam 2022, the current owner of the Money in the Bank briefcase will try to make amends at Clash at the Castle. The event will conclude with the bout between Drew.

McIntyre has also said that before his biggest match to date, he might bring back his old theme song.There will undoubtedly be a red carpet welcome for him and a band should be on hand to play a live

The question is whether he or Reigns will be the first to enter the ring. The champion enters last unless they are fighting Brock Lesnar. The opposite is also true when Lesnar is in the bout.

The former WWE superstar will not be attending Clash at the Castle. Fans in the UK will finally get to see Clash at the Castle in person after waiting 30 years for a pay-per-view event, 

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