Feist quits Arcade Fire tour after Butler's sexual misconduct claims

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Feist has dropped out of the WE tour with Arcade Fire because singer Win Butler was accused of sexual misconduct over the weekend. The Canadian singer-songwriter, 46, who was the tour's support act

for the indie rock band, revealed her decision to leave the tour in a lengthy statement to Instagram on Thursday. After practising with my band in Dublin, I went to a bar and saw the exact same

headline as you. Not only did we not have the luxury of time to think things through before we took off over the ocean and into the heart of this crisis, but we also had no choice but to go forward

with the flight. " Author Leslie Feist (her full name) penned the work. She went on to say, "I can't even begin to fathom how challenging this must have been for those who have come out to share

their stories. I hope that everyone involved can find peace and healing. Feist played at both of Arcade Fire's Dublin performances on Tuesday and Wednesday, but she's already said she'll give all

of the money she made from merchandise sales on the first night to Women's Aid Dublin. To "gather my bearings and figure out my responsibilities in this circumstance," as Feist put it in her post,

"was my first priority. She said I have received dozens of messages from individuals around me expressing sorrow for the paradox I have been thrust into. To continue on tour would mean

I was either defending or ignoring the harm done by Win Butle, and to leave would mean I was the judge & jury the singer of "Fire in the Water" said in a statement. I was never here to stand 

for or with Arcade Fire—I was here to stand on my own two feet on a stage, a place I have come to believe I belong and have earned as my own. Feist went on to explain that she has talked to numerous

others since hearing the allegations who have had "similar experiences" and that there is no "single road to recovery" when dealing with mistreatment or abuse of any kind. 

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