Fill the Room with Color and Art

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A number of years ago, we decided to have a dinner party at our home for some recently made acquaintances.I believe that they were quite interested in learning about the lifestyles of various artists

You know that this is the case; since artists do not conform to the norm, it is only logical that their living space would be uncommon. The dinner was a success, but the conversations that took

place during the meal revealed some interesting things about our new acquaintances. Minerva (all names have been changed to protect the innocent), who held the view that art had to be presented

on stark white walls with white ceilings to finish it off, believed that this was the only acceptable way to do so.This, according to the importance that she placed on it, was comparable to the 11th

commandment that Moses was given. But not just any white; rather, a brilliant white. Minerva was extremely offended by the fact that our walls of living room with color and art were painted in a

semi-gloss red. However, there is also a mural on the ceiling that depicts people who are shown as being naked, which causes some people to be uncomfortable. Even worse, we had artwork hanging

on the crimson walls around the room color ideas. It goes without saying that there was no invitation to dinner in return, and neither of us has seen them since then. To say that we have quite

different tastes in interior design would be an understatement.This is not intended to be an argument over decoration; rather, it is meant to serve as a friendly reminder that there is more than

one “correct” way to use wall for room with color to display artwork. In certain homes and with certain personalities, plain white might work just fine as room color ideas. It creates a background

Fill the Room with Color and Art

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