Former Texans President Jamey Rootes Dies at Age 55

The death of Jamey Rootes, the first team president in Houston Texans history, was announced by his wife on Monday night via social media. He was 55.

Spouse Melissa Wildgen Rootes announced on Facebook that her husband had passed away on Sunday in Houston after a "battle with mental health issues."

"Jamey was most well-known for his unwavering loyalty to his family and friends, but he also served as President of the Houston Texans before retiring in 2021.

Jamey loved the city of Houston with all his heart, and he made a significant impact in the lives of others through his professional,

academic, and charitable endeavours. Please respect our family's request for privacy and refrain from contacting us regarding this matter.

Rootes, who has been with the Texans organisation for 20 years, was hired as team president by the late Bob McNair in 2002,

the year the Texans made their NFL debut. After his resignation in February 2021, current president Greg Grissom took office in March.

We were shocked to hear the news of Jamey Rootes' passing, the former president of the Houston Texans.

Jamey guided our company for 20 years while showing undying loyalty to Houston and the Houston Texans. 

Thanks to his unwavering leadership and invaluable assistance, our team has come a long way.

Our deepest sympathies are with Jamey's family, especially his wife Melissa and their two children, as they go through this terrible ordeal.

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