Frances Tiafoe beat Rafael Nadal to reach US Open quarterfinals.

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Crying had blurred Frances Tiafoe's vision. On Monday, he broke Rafael Nadal's 22-match Grand Slam winning streak and advanced to the US Open quarterfinals for the first time in his career.

As Tiafoe said It was as if time stood still. For a short period I was completely unable to hear anything I lost it in the locker room as he realised that NBA great LeBron James had tweet his support

Tifosi said, "Bro, I was going insane." The sight of his parents, Constant and Alphina, in the Arthur Ashe Stadium guest box was the most meaningful part of Tiafoe's 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 triumph

over No. 2 seed Nadal in the fourth round at Flushing Meadows. They've seen me win big before, but to beat those Mount Rushmore guys would be incredible. Tiafoe, a 24-year-old American who is 

ranked 22nd in the US Open rankings, made the statement. "No idea what they were thinking. That is to say, it will be a day they will never forget. "His parents fled the civil conflict in their 

native Sierra Leone, West Africa, and settled in the United States. Constant assisted in the building of a youth tennis training centre in Maryland, where he eventually worked as a maintenance guy.

The late-night shifts that Alphina worked as a nurse were due to the fact that, as Tiafoe put it, "she worked two jobs." The twins, Tiafoe and Franklin, were born in 1998, and they planned to spend

a lot of time at their father's workplace. The hope was that one day it would lead to a monetary reward in the form of a scholarship. "There wasn't anything planned to be like this,"

Frances Tiafoe said Monday night, hours after his biggest triumph to date. This was not a case of a biassed crowd supporting one of their own, despite the fact that he is the youngest American man

to advance this far at the US Open since Andy Roddick in 2006. The retractable roof was closed for the fourth set, and Nadal, one of tennis's biggest stars, heard plenty of cheers as the volume rose.

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