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The former professional golfer Paige Spiranac responded to the men who called her "fat" after posting a photo of herself on Instagram with a witty and courteous statement in which she 

laughed off their accusations. The 29-year-old, who was named the World's Sexiest Woman by Maxim earlier in the year, responded to online haters by posting a video of herself teeing off 

in a pink one-piece while wearing the costume. After displaying her signature humour, Spiranac revealed to her fans how challenging it is for her when people don't understand her.

Even though I accept that the way I look is a huge part of my brand, I find it extremely challenging to stay at my healthy weight year after year.

Exercise and diet are where I have to put in the most work. It's not something I'm naturally good at. When others point out my flaws in physical appearance, it's discouraging.

Spiranac has 3.6 million followers and has told them she wants to share her fitness and eating plans with them because she knows they feel the same pressure she does to look a certain way. 

But she has recently admitted that she no longer works out for the sake of appearances but rather to improve her overall health and well-being. She wasn't just worried about her female 

followers being harassed for their size, either. Since she thought most of her readers would be men, she asked them to tell her about times when they were self-conscious about how they looked.

I don't think men get body shamed nearly as much as women. All of us are subject to the expectation that we should present ourselves in a specific manner.

This is not the first time Spiranac has responded maturely to online abuse.  Someone who doesn't like Paige Spiranac tweeted in June, "No One in the Golf World Cares About Her Views!"

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