Gundam Evolution Is Hiding Spy

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Gundam Evolution is a new team-based hero shooter most often compared to Overwatch, but one of the Mobile Suits shares more with Team Fortress 2.

Numerous elements of Gundam Evolution's gameplay were clearly influenced by games that came before it in the hero shooter genre's development,

but one of the most talked-about Mobile Suits you may use in the game looks a lot like a specific mercenary from Team Fortress 2.

During its network trials, Gundam Evolution provided 14 Mobile Suits with improved weaponry and other features. Yet one costume in particular drew the eye  of several players: Battle for the Galaxy

Visually, the French specialist of subterfuge in TF2 and the protagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans couldn't be more different.

Team versus team skirmishes with varying objectives, typically tied to control areas, are the mainstay of Gundam Evolution, much like they are in Overwatch, another popular hero shooter

One of the two Mobile Suit Gundams that specialise in close-quarters combat, the Barbatos is a melee weapon.

but unlike its counterpart, Gundam Exia, Barbatos is able to instantly shut down nearly every Mobile Suit in the game by combining two powerful melee stuns.

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