Hurricane Fiona Hits Puerto Rico

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Sunday afternoon, Hurricane Fiona hit the southeast coast of Puerto Rico. This made the island even worse off after the storm had already cut power to almost the whole island.

The situation is "extremely delicate and terrible," according to Pedro Pierluisi, governor of Puerto Rico, who described the damage as "catastrophic in many locations." 

As of Sunday evening, the National Hurricane Center said that the island was still getting a lot of rain and flooding. The Category 1 hurricane was expected to bring deadly landslides 

and a lot of flooding to an island that had already been damaged a lot. As of Sunday night, the storm's eye was about 45 miles west of Mayag├╝ez, a town on the western coast of Puerto Rico, 

according to the National Hurricane Center. Sustained winds peaked at 85 mph, and the storm was heading in a northwesterly direction at 9 mph. As of right now, it's heading 

Some electric circuits are being fixed, but the website doesn't say if any customers have been reconnected to the grid. According to Luma Energy, Puerto Rico's private electric utility, 

restoring electricity to the entire island "may take several days." Late on Sunday, Pierluisi held a press conference to announce that power crews had begun the process of restoring electricity, 

adding that it would be a "gradual process" to get the lights back on in critical areas like hospitals (which are currently running on generators) and densely populated urban centres.

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