Hurricane Florida

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Disturbance Tropicale On Friday, a tropical storm named Nine formed in the Caribbean, and if its projected path is followed, it will make landfall as Hurricane Hermine in Florida early next week.

At 5 a.m., the National Hurricane Center reported that the storm was headed in a west-northwest direction at 13 mph. According to forecasts, it will head further west over the 

next day or so before reversing course to the west-northwest and then the northwest over the weekend. The NHC hurricane specialist, Phillipe Papin, noted that while the system had held 

a well-defined circulation for the previous 12–18 hours, the continuous convective activity was only able to endure long enough around the centre to be considered a tropical cyclone overnight. 

Gusts can exceed 40 miles per hour, and the maximum sustained speed is close to 35 miles per hour. Hermine's centre will be south of Cuba and close to the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

It is likely to get stronger over the weekend and turn into a hurricane by Monday morning. "We are following the course. It is still not quite clear-cut, but it is headed in the general 

direction of Florida, probably next week," said Bryan Karrick, a meteorologist for Spectrum News 13. While we monitor the system next week, I recommend taking this weekend to finalise 

your hurricane preparations. This includes filling up your gas tank, starting your generator, stocking up on food and water, and so on. Seminole County's Office 

of Emergency Management has begun sandbagging in anticipation of possible flooding and is also making arrangements for emergency shelters. Only after shelters are fully operational 

and manned will their locations be made public. It will turn north over Cuba on Tuesday, becoming a Category 2 storm with 110 mph sustained winds and 130 mph gusts by Wednesday morning

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