Jennifer Lawrence Reveals she had 2 Miscarriages

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Jennifer Lawrence endured two miscarriages before she successfully gave birth to her first child.

The 32-year-old Oscar winner claims she got pregnant in her 20s and intended to kill the baby before it was miscarried. She revealed her miscarriage in the October issue of Vogue, saying,

"I experienced a miscarriage alone in Montreal. "A few years later, while filming "Don't Look Up," Lawrence became pregnant for the second time with Cooke Maroney, whom she had married. 

She experienced another miscarriage despite going through dilatation and curettage, a surgery in which tissue is removed from the uterus, since she really wanted the kid.

Especially in light of the June Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Lawrence's past experiences have stayed with him. "I remember thinking about it a million times while I was pregnant,"

she added. "Contemplating the physical changes that were taking place in me My pregnancy was also very smooth. Having a healthy baby was a huge blessing during my pregnancy. 

Still, I never experienced the same thing twice. The thought would occasionally cross my mind, "What if I had no choice but to do this? "After announcing their pregnancy in September 2021,

Lawrence and Maroney finally had their baby in February 2022. a boy whom she identified as Cy to Vogue Its terrifying to discuss being a mother This is because the answer is unique to each individual

When I remark, "It was fantastic from the beginning," some listeners may think, "It wasn't amazing for me in the beginning," and then they may feel horrible about themselves. Thankfully, 

I have a lot of trustworthy girlfriends. Who said things like, "That's terrifying. There's a chance that you won't click right away. There's no guarantee that you'll fall in love at first sight.

To that end, I felt like I was in a position to forgive. During a stroll with a close friend, I recalled thinking, "Everyone keeps claiming that I will love my baby more than my cat."

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