Jerry Nadler defeats Carolyn Maloney

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In New York's newly created 12th Congressional District, NBC News predicts that Rep. Jerry Nadler will defeat his longtime colleague Rep. Carolyn Maloney in Tuesday's controversial Democratic primary.

This heavily Democratic district combines Manhattan's Upper West Side and Upper East Side into one

one and pits the two long-serving congressmen against each other; he is virtually assured of victory in the general election this coming November.

Both Nadler and Maloney have grown to prominence in the House since their initial elections in 1992. Currently, Nadler chairs the Judiciary Committee, and Maloney leads the Oversight Committee.

After voting in the Upper West Side on Tuesday morning, Nadler told NBC News that if he is re-elected, he will continue to serve as the panel's chair on the Judiciary subcommittee.

Without a doubt, Nadler will work to keep his position as the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. 

"What I hope to accomplish is to convince you that our country's democratic system (note the small d) is in danger.

And the Judiciary Committee is in a crucial position to counteract that danger through the passage and enforcement of laws protecting the right to vote."

If Republicans take the House in fall, Nadler will be demoted to ranking member from gavel holder on the Judiciary Committee.

Suraj Patel, 38, a former Obama aide, ran as a generational change candidate against the two septuagenarian frontrunners.

Since Nadler is the chair of the Judiciary Committee, he was in charge during both attempts to impeach former President Trump.

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