Kalen DeBoer debuts at Washington.

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When Kalen DeBoer's first game as Washington's head coach finally rolled around, he felt compelled to contact a colleague and try to sum up the past nine months. The message read, 

"It's gone extremely fast, but when you think about how much you've done in that time, it's been a little bit of a grind, too," as DeBoer recalled. Chris Petersen, who received the message,

is well-versed in what it takes to assume the Washington head coaching position and succeed. Since being named Washington's head coach in November 2021, DeBoer has had a lot on his plate.

He took over after the programme had its worst year since 2008, when Jimmy Lake was let go as head coach. On Saturday night against Kent State, the Huskies will play their first game of the season,

which will be the first true litmus test of DeBoer's tenure. "It's got a new vibe. The band was practising outside my office this morning, and it totally set the mood for the game,

as DeBoer put it. A lot of hard work has gone into this, so naturally we're ecstatic, but I can't wait to watch our guys enjoy the fruits of their labour. When the season starts, DeBoer will make

his first appearance as the head coach of a Power Five school. The Bulldogs finished 12-6 under his watch at Fresno State, including 9-3 last year, putting DeBoer on the radar of bigger universities.

He has had success as a head coach at the NAIA level. A change in setting does not necessitate a shift in strategy or demeanour. As an assistant coach, I think the thing you can admire most about

Kalen is his consistent approach and temperament. "Defense coordinator Chuck Morrell pointed out."If you feel accountable to the head coach, you'll work harder every day you're there.

Many of the coaches here clearly have a lot of respect for him." While it is true that DeBoer has the support of his coaching staff and a squad with the quality to compete in the Pac-12

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