Kayvon Thibodeaux leaves preseason game

Kayvon Thibodeaux, a first-round draught pick by the New York Giants, suffered a knee injury in the team's preseason win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night and did not return.

Initial assessments indicate that Thibodeaux's injury is not life-threatening. I'm good, Thibodeaux said as he limped out of the stadium on his own power.

On Monday, Thibodeaux will have to take yet another battery of tests. How much time he has to miss because of this is the final factor.

Given the nature of the blow and Thibodeaux's initial reaction, things did not look good. After being cut blocked by Bengals tight end Thaddeus Moss in the second quarter

Near the 20-yard line, Thibodeaux was attended to by trainers and medical personnel. The cart had come out for Thibodeaux, but he had already gotten up and was walking away.

The inexperienced member entered the blue medical tent and came out grinning and laughing. Walking the length of the sideline with a trainer, he eventually went inside.

Coach Brian Daboll has not yet said whether or not a catastrophic outcome is possible. You hope not. I don't have an answer for that yet; tests (MRIs, etc.) are being done on Sunday night.

To all appearances, Thibodeaux was taking a positive stance. After the 25-22 preseason win over the Cincinnati Bengals, he reassured his teammates that it wouldn't derail his rookie campaign.

Defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence said, "He's always in good spirits. I hope he's OK. I talked to him. He's walking on it. Said he was fine."

Thibodeaux, a star player for the Oregon Ducks, was selected fifth overall by the NFL in the 2022 draught. He had a quarterback pressure in the first half of Sunday's game, continuing a strong summer.

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