Ken Starr Dies at 76

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Starr, best known for his role leading the investigation that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, died of complications related to surgery, according to his family.

Baylor University's former president, Ken Starr, 76, who played a key part in the inquiry that led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment, has passed away. The family said in a statement

that he was born in Vernon and passed away in Houston due to surgical complications. In the 1990s, he was ordered to look into the Whitewater controversy, which involved real estate investments

Many questions were raised throughout the course of the study. It was commonly believed that Starr's investigation was biassed because he was a Republican. However, Clinton eventually admitted

to having sexual relations with Lewinsky after initially denying the affair. In Starr's final report on the affair, Clinton was accused of deceiving Congress and exceeding his authority.

Starr's time in the spotlight was not over after the Clinton case. Starr was the presiding judge at Baylor University when fifteen female students, both current and alumnae, sued the university,

alleging they had been sexually attacked or raped by other students. Starr quit in 2016 because of the scandal about how the institution hid reports of rape and other sexual misconduct. Since the 

controversy broke,the university's reputation has been damaged, especially with regard to its very lucrative football department. As a result of the controversy the school's long-time head football 

coach was let go, and two football players were convicted of rape. In a news release from Tuesday, the university's president, Linda A. Livingstone, said she was sorry to hear about Starr's death.

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