Labriola win over the Bengals

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During an NFL training camp where the monotony was as thick as the humidity, an early afternoon thunderstorm was a welcome diversion.

Coach Mike Tomlin said of his defence, "We have the men, in personnel, schematics, and coaching. I expect them to be dominant."

Anticipate dominance. Wow. There's little wiggle room. What's dominant? Statistics? Awards?

Tomlin replied, "Tell me." "When the offence turns the ball over and puts them on a short field, dominant defences stand up.

(Dominant) means a lot of things, and I was careful when I said it because I want them to be what we need them to be when we need it.

Dominant defences are ready to put out a fire, provide a winning edge, take the ball, and position your team for victory."

Four weeks later, the 2022 NFL season began, and the Steelers beat the defending AFC Champions in overtime. Their dominant defence led to victory.

Reread Tomlin's definition of dominant after imagining Steelers 23, Bengals 20. It's like a play-by-play.

The significant moments in the Steelers 3-point victory on Sept. 11 started presenting themselves early and never really stopped through nearly four hours'

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