Letitia James lawsuit against Trump

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On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Tish James unveiled a complaint accusing Donald Trump of an "astounding" spectrum of fraud in his real estate empire, bringing to light a

three-and-a-half year probe into Trump's business operations. Trump got lucky in that it was a legal lawsuit rather than a criminal investigation. James, on the other hand, 

wants Trump and his three oldest children to be banned from running any business in New York for the rest of their lives. He also wants Trump to be banned from buying commercial 

property or asking for loans in New York for five years. Already, experts in the law are arguing the merits of the lawsuit and whether or not it stands a chance in court. 

Even though Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. doesn't want to file criminal charges, she may still win her case in court. For one, 

James does not need to prove Trump's conduct was fraudulent or illegal beyond a reasonable doubt, as would be the case in a criminal case, but rather by a preponderance of the facts. 

James could win if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump was aware of inflated asset and income figures or directed his subordinates to report them as higher than they actually were.

Trump's frequent invocations of the Fifth Amendment may also hinder him in legal litigation. However, the underlying legal merits of the AG's claim may never be put to the test. 

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