Lufthansa cancels major German hub flights during strike

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Deutsche Lufthansa AG will cease practically its entire flight operations in Frankfurt and Munich on Friday because of a strike by pilots who are demanding higher pay, adding another day

of huge disruption to what has already turned into a summer of travel turmoil. According to a statement, Lufthansa will cancel 800 flights at its two major German bases, 

affecting approximately 130,000 people. The company has announced that disruptions will begin as early as Thursday. Frankfurt saw a drop of as much as 4% for Lufthansa. 

After salary negotiations at Lufthansa broke down, the airline's pilots went on strike for 24 hours. Lufthansa said it has "absolutely no understanding" of the decision to strike,

after presenting what it called "a very good and socially balanced offer." The airline claims that if the pilots' requests are met, payroll will climb by over 40%. Strikes have caused Europe's

largest airline to halt nearly all operations at its two busiest airports for the second time in a little over a month. More than a thousand flights were cancelled in Frankfurt and Munich

in late July because of a strike by ground crew who were also seeking better pay conditions. Air travel has recovered faster than predicted, but airlines and airports are struggling to fill open

positions due to severe cuts made during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s caused a summer of instability for the industry, with Lufthansa and other carriers cancelling thousands of flights. Meanwhile,

rising prices have led to an increase in strikes. "We want solutions at the negotiation table," Lufthansa Personnel Chief Michael Niggemann said in a statement, adding that what the firm has set is

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