Luke Bell's Death Cause  Reveled 

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Luke Bell's cause of death has been revealed three weeks after he was discovered dead in Tucson. Bell, 32, died of accidental fentanyl poisoning, 

According to KGUN, a bystander found Bell lifeless in a shaded parking lot with drug paraphernalia nearby, according to the autopsy.

Bell's friends and management/label team told Billboard he would occasionally disappear for weeks.

His family and inner circle spent restless nights looking for Bell, who confessed he had bipolar disorder in a July Facebook post.

"Every day brings fresh challenges. Bipolar patients don't know which personality will show up, he said. Even if he showed up later,

This time, they feared the worst after finding him shoeless and coatless on Christmas Eve in Denver.

"Witty, sharp, and disarming... In recent years, he acted like a country bumpkin, but he knew more than he let on, said manager Brian Buchanan.

He was friendly, not nasty... Unless he was possessed, Buchanan added. "When he was upset, he wouldn't answer to 'Luke.' He'd seriously say, "I'm not Luke." He'd fight you."

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