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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Netflix is getting stories on Milwaukee's most renowned serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. There are two separate series available to stream right now.

Dahmer was found guilty of the heinous murder and mutilation of 17 boys and men. He also engaged in cannibalism.

"The documentary draws from a variety of sources." According to Anne Schwartz, who is well-versed in the matter, I was one of those sources

About that, she has written a book. "People still find it hard to accept that he did this in Milwaukee.

The Dahmer narrative was initially reported by Schwartz. "Many people believe that this story has received enough attention and coverage. We always have something to learn, according to Schwartz.

The Netflix series that is now in progress portrays the Dahmer narrative from the viewpoint of the victims and focuses on the police negligence that allowed Dahmer to embark on a killing rampage.

Schwartz argued that Dahmer was a serial killer and a skilled manipulator. "I vehemently disagree that it was police negligence in any way that permitted Dahmer to keep killing," Schwartz stated.

The owner of the Fish Factory, Stephen Banach, described the man as "simply a customer," noting that he frequented the establishment occasionally.

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