N Korea Denies selling Weapons to Russia


They said such moves, along with alleged purchases of Iranian weapons, showed Western sanctions were impeding Russia's efforts in the Ukraine war.

Any arms movement between the two countries would be in violation of United Nations sanctions.

An anonymous North Korean defence ministry official stated Thursday: "We have never transferred weapons or ammunition to Russia and we won't now."

It accused the US & other "hostile elements" of disseminating rumours to pursue political and military goals."US State Department spokesman: Russia's North Korean imports  rockets & artillery shells."

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby later sought to qualify that assertion, stating the purchases weren't complete & there was no proof the weaponry will be utilized in the Ukraine battle.

North Korea has Soviet-era Russian-designed weapons and Russian-style missiles.

The claims followed reports, quoting US sources, that Russia received the first shipments of Iranian-made drones and that Russian drone operators travelled to Iran for training.

Since Russia's relations with the West have deteriorated, Russian-North Korean relations have improved.

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