NyQuil Chicken
Is Dangerous

The Food and Drug Administration has issued an update advising consumers that cooking chicken in NyQuil is dangerous.

The warning pertains to a video posted at least a year ago in which a TikTok user fried two chicken breasts in cold and flu treatment.

In the popular video, the user flips meat using a flatiron.

"The task is stupid and unappetizing. But it's dangerous. Boiling a drug can concentrate it and change its characteristics "FDA:

The TikTok video doesn't use "challenge," and it's unknown if many people have cooked chicken in NyQuil.

Even if individuals don't eat the chicken, boiling it in the OTC drug could cause them to inhale the vapours.

"It can damage lungs. Someone could accidentally take too much cough and cold medicine "FDA:

TikTok and Procter & Gamble, producer of NyQuil, didn't immediately comment Tuesday.

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