Online Map Problems Impacting Residents

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Digital maps on smartphones make travelling easier. We can plan a grocery store route, a hiking trail, or a vacation destination with a finger swipe.

Biomedical researchers will soon have a similar tool to navigate the human body's cells.

HuBMAP is an international consortium of researchers developing a global atlas of healthy human cells.

Once finished, drug developers and clinical researchers can use the resource to develop specialised medical treatments.

HuBMAP is similar to the NIH's Human Genome Project, which sequenced every human gene.

The massive project launched a renaissance in clinical research and led to innovative gene-based therapies.

HuBMAP maps gene expression, proteins, metabolites, and other information in different types of cells across organs and tissues.

Bioinformaticians at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), Carnegie Mellon University, and Stanford University are turning this data into a user-friendly tool.

The teams recently received $20 million in renewed funding from the NIH to continue these efforts.

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