Partial Military Mobilization By Putin 

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Putin announced a partial military mobilisation on Wednesday, placing Russia's people and economy on a wartime footing as Moscow's invasion of Ukraine continues.

Putin said the West "wants to destroy our country" and "turned Ukraine's people into cannon fodder" in a rare pre-recorded television announcement, 

Putin said "mobilisation events" will begin Wednesday without providing additional information, other than saying he had ordered an increase in money

To enhance Russia's weapons production after losing a big quantity of weapons in the late-February fighting.

Russia hasn't declared war on Ukraine despite invading in February, calling it a "special military operation."

Putin affirmed that military reservists will be called up, but denied a larger conscription of Russian men of fighting age.

"We're talking about partial mobilisation, so only citizens in the reserve will be conscripted, and those who served in the military have a military specialisation and necessary expertise.

Before joining their troops, conscripts will undergo additional military training based on the special military operation, he said, per an AP translation.

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