Patio Decorating Ten Easy Ways to Deck Out Your Patio

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Refinish or repaint outdoor furniture; for a significant change, think about using a different color.

Hand-painted canvas cushion covers with patterns and colors that complement or fit a theme for outdoor furniture.

Surround the patio area with larger potted plants of varying sizes, in unique containers. Look for clay pieces with chips at garden supply stores that are marked down

Arrange furniture in groups to create one or more intimate, pleasant places.

Think about creating or buying a hand-painted canvas rug. These look fantastic on patios and decks, and many artists will provide a variety of different designs with specific cooler possibilities

Use unconventional objects to create ornamental illumination; place garden lanterns or twinkle lights on a string around a tree or beneath the eaves of a garden umbrella.

Use small to medium Terra Cota planters that have been hand painted as table decorations by transplanting smaller flowers, herbs, or leafy plants.

Make or buy tablecloths; oilcloth is an excellent material for informal outdoor tables because it is simple to maintain and comes in a range of hues and patterns.

Wall art may be anything, from sculpture to driftwood to hand-painted canvas wall decor, and it gives a patio a stylish touch. Hang smaller groups of three or use larger pieces on large outdoor wall

A patio’s focal point can be anything interesting, including statues, waterfalls, and ponds. Their size ought to be proportional to the size of the patio or other gathering space.

Patio Decorating Ten Easy Ways to Deck Out Your Patio

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