Queen Elizabeth II Doctors Advised Rest

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Queen Elizabeth II postponed a Wednesday meeting with government officials after a busy Tuesday. Queen Elizabeth II cancels a meeting after doctors advised her to rest following a busy day

The queen spent Tuesday at her Scottish holiday house choosing Liz Truss as prime minister. The 96-year-old queen observed the symbolic handover of authority to Truss.

The queen followed to her doctor's advice to rest after the great day. After a long day yesterday, Her Majesty rested today, the palace announced.

Truss would have taken her oath as First Lord of the Treasury and sworn in her cabinet at this meeting. The meeting was postponed until the queen feels better.

This latest setback doesn't require the queen to be hospitalised, but it may cause concern for her admirers because it's not the first time she's postponed or skipped an event.

Since October 2021, the queen has used a cane for mobility issues. The queen skipped Remembrance Day in 2021 due to a sprained back.

Early in 2022, the palace announced the queen had COVID-19, saying she was experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but would continue light duties at Windsor.

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