'Quordle' Today: Here Are The Answers And Hints

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Is Quordle a form of trivia game in your opinion? Okay, here's some trivia: The climactic battle of the Wars of the Roses, and Richard III's death

The four Quordle solutions may be found at the bottom of this page, or you can read the full Mashable strategy guide, which contains both non-spoiler and spoiler-type advice. That's entirely up to you

To play Quordle, you guess five-letter words, like Wordle, but with each guess you use those letters to create four different words at once.

If you can correctly guess all four words, you will receive nine guesses instead of six. The experience is visually similar to playing four separate Wordle games simultaneously.

Creator Freddie Meyer claims that he was inspired by the early popular Wordle variation Dordle, in which you effectively play two Wordles at simultaneously

during the Wordle boom of late 2021 and early 2022, when everyone was learning to love free, in-browser, once-daily word guessing games.

Then, on January 30th, he stepped it up a notch and let Quordle go. Just six days after its inception, The Guardian wrote about Meyer's idea

and today, Meyer claims, his creation has millions of daily users. Meyer now makes a small income through Patreon, where loyal players can pledge support for Quordle

The same basic approach as Wordle should be used as a starting point. The first word you enter into a new Wordle doesn't even need to be the one you normally use if you have a favourite.

Wordle puzzle solutions are often reduced to a string of iterations where only one letter is changed. If you know the suffix is "-IGHT," you can try guessing "MIGHT,"

"NIGHT," "LIGHT," or "SIGHT," and one of those will likely be the solution. However, this is also a well-known strategy for losing at Wordle, especially on "hard mode."

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