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Reboot's thesis is summarised in five minutes. Sundance-acclaimed writer Hannah (Rachel Bloom) pitches a '90s sitcom comeback to Hulu executives who just renewed The Handmaid's Tale.

She explains why she wants to recast Step Right Up. "I mess with it, but playfully." Reboot satirises Hollywood's propensity of reviving old TV shows and sitcom clich├ęs.

In the first scene, Hulu staff name 20 sequels and reboots from recent years.

Reboot's first two episodes, which air September 20, set a high bar for its caustic, sparkling humour in its eight-part inaugural season.

Early episodes poke fun at studio and business mergers, TikTok stars, and diversity in Hollywood, to riotous effect.

Reboot has sharp, self-aware humour and a thrilling cast. When the show loses its captivating ridiculousness, it's disappointing.

It's hard to parody a genre without using its conventions. For every American Vandal, there's The Woman in the House Across from the Girl in the Window. Sharp writing helps Reboot's 

humour and character development, but a confused tone detracts. The show's comments and performances are still mainly enjoyable. Reboot's creator, Steven Levitan, has vast sitcom expertise.

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