Spa was one of Albon's best F1 races.

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A championship point earned in a hard-fought race, Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix was one of the greatest for Alex Albon, who has raced in Formula 1. On Saturday, the Williams driver exceeded 

expectations by qualifying ninth—his best finish of the year. Several drivers were demoted due to engine-related penalties, but he moved up three places in the field. He started the race in P8,

and while his tyres were still warm, he maintained that position until tyre wear began to catch up to him. Albon used a medium-to-hard-to-medium two-stop strategy to battle back into the top ten,

and then held on to that position all the way to the finish line, despite having to defend it from a train of five cars. It was a challenging course, Albon said after the race. 

I thought it was going to be a long race after it began. On the laps leading up to the grid, I could tell the degradation was going to be extreme.The track temperature really made the tyres work hard

Unfortunately, the downforce setup we had in the car was not compatible with Pirelli's extremely high minimum pressure requirement. There was a lot of [tyre] management in the second sector,

but by the conclusion of the race, I wasn't able to do much of it and we were just hanging on. As soon as the checkered flag waved, the Williams racer could finally relax.The race "was one of the 

greatest I've had in Formula 1," he said.It was like the last push, when we were just hanging on and couldn't make any mistakes or we'd lose right away.I'm delighted I saw the checkered flag

Albon thought that the line of cars behind him, which was led by Lance Stroll and included Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu, and Daniel Ricciardo, was really helping him.

"The more I saw, the better I felt," he added. "The train was forming, and that was wonderful, since it meant that everyone was feeling some pressure." They can afford to drop back,

come back at you, or try something new when it's just you and one car behind. But with a train, everybody must go at the same pace, and there's no time to let the tyres or brakes cool down.

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