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The latest Zelda game from Nintendo was revealed to be titled "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" during a Nintendo Direct broadcast on Tuesday. On May 12, 2023, 

fans can expect to purchase "Breath of the Wild 2. "The series' main protagonist, Link, is shown in a new trailer bursting through a colossal door and racing over a string of deserted 

islands perched high in the sky. Some of the islands are forested and covered with massive, gnarled tree roots, while others are vast enough to support extensive mountain ranges. 

There's a scene when Link leaps from a tremendous height and lands on the back of a gigantic stone glider, so it looks like flying is a major part of the gameplay.

The opening scene of the trailer features a series of petroglyphs that look like they were influenced by Mesoamerica. The first depicts what looks to be Hylians (the race of elfish humanoids

that Link and Zelda belong to) defending their homeland from an invading army of Moblins and Blokobins (porcine soldiers who serve the villainous Ganon). Then there's the petroglyph of a huge

robed man with huge ears surrounded by seven runes, and then there's the petroglyph of a long-haired guy with an eye that looks like the Eye Symbol from the Sheikah tribe in The Legend of Zelda.

The finest Nintendo Switch games are those listed here. It's no secret that "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" (2017), the first fully open-world title in the Zelda franchise,

was a critical and commercial success, and that its successor, "Tears of the Kingdom," is eagerly anticipated. Breath of the Wild 2, or just Breath of the Wild, is a common shorthand

for what was originally unveiled as "Tears of the Kingdom" at E3 2019. Legend has it that the Zonai, a culture of powerful sorcerers and skilled masons who disappeared into the mists of antiquity

left their ruins for the people of Hyrule to build upon. The Zonai appear to have a larger role in "Tears of the Kingdom," which features a land littered with Zonai buildings and relics.

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