The Bachelorette Nears Finale

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We thought things were starting to settle down as we approached the homestretch on The Bachelorette — and boy, were we way off.

After some pointless live filler with host Jesse Palmer, Tuesday's "finale" takes us back to that tense rose ceremony, with Zach pulling Rachel aside just as she's about to hand out her two roses.

He tells her their time in the fantasy suite “felt a little off,” and he felt like he was seeing “Bachelorette Rachel, not the real Rachel.

He says, "I loved you." "I saw your future. But I have to go. Why isn't she sad? Maybe she was about to dump him anyway.

Rachel returns to the rose ceremony as Zach sobs in the SUV, questioning if what they had was real. She tells Tino and Aven she's "disappointed" that Zach "questioned my character" 

and hands her two roses to her two remaining guys. Rachel and Zach apologise live, but we're still not sure what happened. Zach may have gotten scared and sabotaged the whole thing. So, begin!

Rachel introduces Aven to her overprotective father Tony, who grills him. “In the real world, I want to date you,” he tells Gabby. “Getting engaged before that happens is usually not how things go.”

Just like Rachel, Gabby makes it clear that she’s not looking for a boyfriend. She wants a fiancé. Gabby begins to cry. “I don’t want to force him into his decision,” she says. 

“This is actually crazy,” she says through tears to producers. “I want to be with Erich forever — so I want him to propose.” “What am I supposed to do?” she hysterically says to producers. 

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