The Bachelorette's Fantasy Suites Turn Bitter

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Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are back together again. The co-Bachelorettes reunited in Mexico after separating for hometowns, where they compared stories from the past week

(Rachel lamenting that her once front-runner Tino Franco’s family didn’t like her, Gabby sharing her comfort levels with her final three). Dates immediately commenced, with Gabby’s first going to 

Erich Schwer. The two spent the day facing her fears and jumping off high platforms into a pool during the day, and by night, Erich confessed his love for her before they settled into a fantasy suite

They had a slow exit the next morning, sad to leave each other after their night together. Erich showed a glimpse of his insecurity, and Gabby pleaded with him to “please be patient”

while she navigated the remainder of her run as the Bachelorette. Their goodbye was sad, both clearly upset to leave the other. Meanwhile, Rachel’s first date was filled with positivity,

with Aven Jones on a yacht. During Aven’s hometown, his family loved and embraced Rachel, and he admitted he was falling in love with her. But Rachel was hesitant to reciprocate the sentiment,

out of residual fears from her time on “The Bachelor,” when Clayton Echard recklessly told multiple women he was in love with them. But by the time the pair was proposed a fantasy suite,

Before the date, Tino and host Jesse Palmer sidebarred. He expressed concerns about how Rachel received the backlash from his parents, plus the brutality of the week knowing Rachel was with other men.

“If I wasn’t so sure that she was future Mrs. Forever for me, this would be an easy week to walk away from,” he admitted. 

Don’t Worry Darling Isn’t a Catastrophe

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